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Tollgate Crossing is a great place to live, raise a family, and enjoy life. A vibrant and growing community, close to all the conveniences of a large metropolitan area, yet far enough away from the hubbub of our hectic workplaces.

We all treasure our place at Tollgate Crossing and we would like to welcome you to our community. If you’re new to the area, I’m sure that you will find Aurora, the Front Range, and Colorado to be a vibrant, rewarding and enjoyable place to live. If you are new to Tollgate Crossing, we would like to welcome you to our beautiful community, and hope that you will find it to be a responsive, safe, and secure place to live.

I started this website as a portal for our local Neighborhood Watch, then changed it to split the focus between the Neighborhood Watch and the Tollgate Crossing community. Over the years, it has changed a bit; with the focus shifting back and forth. As of April, 2010, the Tollgate Crossing website no longer serves the Neighborhood Watch (for the greater area of South Eastern Aurora area). I created and maintain a separate website for the Neighborhood Watch. The Tollgate Crossing website now focuses strictly on issues which concern residents of the Tollgate Crossing community. This website is designed to serve residents of Tollgate Crossing (Tollgate and Newbridge (which includes the homes built by Oakwood)). If you think I’m missing something, or there’s something you’d like to see on this web site, please let me know.

This website is not an ‘Official’ government, HOA or management company web page, but members of our HOAs, Metro District and Neighborhood Watch do visit, participate in the email mailing lists, and offer their assistance to keep this web page pertinent, timely and informative. With their input and contributions, I will do my best to keep various meeting dates posted and up to date. I will provide information to help you stay informed of community events and important information. This website will not accept nor endorse advertisements or solicitations to sell products or services. This website is maintained without profit at my personal expense.

If you are a resident of Tollgate Crossing, or interested in our Neighborhood Watch, I encourage you to participate in one of our email mailing lists, or the other services offered by our community. If you have any comments, suggestions or recommendations which you feel will improve the website, I would appreciate your feedback.

Robert L. Vaessen

Resident, home owner, concerned member of the community.

(I am not a board member of an HOA (Tollgate, Newbridge or the Townhomes) or the Metro District. I am not employed by a community management company, involved with the HOA(s) or Metro Districts I am a resident of Tollgate Crossing and a Block Captain (volunteer) with the South East Aurora Neighborhood Watch. I’m not sure whether I need any other disclaimers, and I doubt anyone will read this anyway...)

Door-to-Door disposal of household chemicals: Getting rid of paint and other household chemicals is just a call away with the Door-to-Door household Hazardous Waste Program. Sponsored by Aurora Water and Curbside, Inc. The program provides a convenient, cost-effective way for residents to responsibly dispose of household chemicals, including paint, batteries, used oil, spray cans and much more (for a cost of $15.00) Residents interested in the service should call 1-800-449-7587 to schedule an appointment, obtain a list of acceptable items and to receive a collection kit that holds the chemicals securely until pickup. Curbside staff can help older residents and those with disabilities prepare their materials for disposal. For more information, call 303-739-7372 or email: <>, or visit the website: <>

Tollgate Crossing Social Committee: A function of our HOA (the Tollgate Crossing HOA) is beautification of the community, promotion of family activities and special events dedicated to the residents of our community. In order to foster and organize these activities, we (residents of Tollgate Crossing) have formed a Social Committee (with the assistance of the Tollgate Crossing HOA). Currently chaired by one of our residents, the committee is looking for input, suggestions and volunteers. If you’d like to help out, please see the Volunteer page for details.

Our Community Needs Your Help With occasional vacancies on Metro District and HOA boards. Our community is always looking for volunteers to serve on the board. Please help our community (Tollgate Crossing HOA, Newbridge at Tollgate HOA or our Metro District) by serving on the board of your local HOA or the Metro District.

Community Activities/Tid-bits
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Are you a member of a group who meets regularly in our community? Are you providing a community benefit or service that you’d like to promote? - If you’d like to post announcements, agendas or information on the Tollgate crossing website, please contact me with information about your group and it’s goals - See our Events page for more details.

Tollgate Crossing Bulletin Boards
I’ve created a web based set of Bulletin Boards for residents of Tollgate Crossing.
Categories: Classifieds, Events, Talk, Meta - See our Events page for more details.

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Our Social Committee needs Volunteers!
If you’d like to help coordinate, plan and execute community focused social events, please contact our Social Committee chair person: Troy Wilkerson  (For more information about the Tollgate Crossing Social Committee see our Volunteer page)
Our Community

A friendly place in Southeast Aurora, Colorado. It’s our place on the Front Range. Close to the city, far from the hub-bub. A place to grow, work, live, and call home.

See bottom of page for maps of our community.

Tollgate Crossing Bulletin Boards
Persistent bulletin boards for the Tollgate Crossing community. Sign up and post your messages today.

The intersection of Quincy & Gun Club is scheduled for a major upgrade, 2017-2019
Arapahoe County Public Works and Development, in conjunction with the city of Aurora, is working on a final design for improvements to the intersection of Quincy Avenue and Gun Club Road.
See our Events page for more details/information.
Community Development
Community Engagement
Tollgate Crossing HOA meeting - Wed, Oct 17th, 2018, at the Tollgate Crossing clubhouse - 7pm.
(Meetings (normally) occur every Third Wednesday of the month). See our Events page for more details/information.
All Tollgate Crossing HOA residents are invited to attend.

Xcel’s Pawnee-Daniels Park expansion project

Xcel’s Power line project has entered a new phase of development - The request for permits to build a new power substation, and add additional power lines right through the center of Tollgate Crossing have been granted by the county and city and construction is underway. The new substation (just north of Tollgate Crossing) is almost complete, and new power poles are being erected. For more info see Xcel webpage

Metro District meeting - Tue, Oct 23rd, 2018, at Tollgate Crossing clubhouse - 6:30pm.
(Meetings (normally) occur every Fourth Tuesday of the month). See our Events page for more details/information.
All Tollgate Crossing Metro District (regardless of HOA) residents are invited to attend.

High Quality Digital Map of our community is now available - Thanks to our Metro District

High Quality Digital Map

Community News Flashes

Tollgate Crossing community filings/subdivisions map: <tollgatecrossing_filings.jpg>

Tollgate Crossing Neighborhood Park - Construction project - 2018
A recent inquiry by a member of our Metro District board revealed the following information: The City plans to start construction on a City Park inside Tollgate Crossing in late spring (May/June). Some neighborhood meetings have already been held. For more info, see our Events page.Home_files/tollgatecrossingcreeksidepark.pngEvents.htmlshapeimage_18_link_0shapeimage_18_link_1
Why are your Property Taxes increasing in 2019?
Other than the inevitable, ever increasing cost of living, and hopefully the value of your home, you can also be assured that your property taxes will be increasing in 2019 - In order to save you some money - What? How is that possible? See our Events page for more details.Events.htmlshapeimage_19_link_0

A Resident maintained website for the Tollgate Crossing Community - See bottom of page for more information.

Extension of S. Harvest Rd. to connect with S. Powhaton Rd. 2018-2019
The road which runs along Tollgate’s eastern boundary (from E. Quincy Ave) all the way to the southern boundary of the community is scheduled for an extension. It will be extended southward past Sorrel Ranch until it connects up to the Wheatlands community at the northern terminus of S. Powhaton Rd. Part of the road will be paid for by bonds taken out for expansion of Sorrel Ranch, and part of the expense will be paid for by the City of Aurora. See our Events page for more info.Events.htmlHome_files/extension_of_harvest.pngshapeimage_20_link_0