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Xcel’s Pawnee-Daniels Park power line project

Project start date: Jan 31, 2019*

Xcel Energy has plans to expand power distribution in our state by way of the Proposed Pawnee-Daniels Park transmission line project. The existing transmission system between the Pawnee substation and the Denver metro area, built in the late 1960s, has become constrained and will need improvements to carry all of the available power in the project area. This project constitutes a significant investment that will create a more robust power delivery system and continued availability of clean, affordable, and reliable electricity.

This project will include the installation of a new double-circuit 345 kilovolt (kV) transmission line between Xcel Energy’s Pawnee substation near Brush, CO and the Daniels Park substation south of the Denver Metro area. Approximately 120 miles of power lines and accompanying 90-170 foot tall towers. The project area includes Arapahoe and Douglas Counties, including the installation of power lines which will run through the City of Aurora and the Town of Parker (If Routes A or B are utilized).

[Here’s what the  power lines and towers (90-170’ tall)  would look like if they were added to the existing right-of-way/corridor in Tollgate Crossing: simultatedphoto_xcelpawneedaniels.png]

The installation of these new power lines (and accompanying towers) has been proposed along three possible corridors. Routes A, B and C. Routes A and B would result in the installation of these new power lines through heavily populated suburban areas of South East Aurora and the Town of Parker. The use of Route B would actually result in these new power lines running directly through Tollgate Crossing. Note: Route A is along an existing Xcel easment/corridor, and seems to be the most likely choice, given permitting costs and infrastructure considerations.

[Here is a map of Tollgate Crossing, highlighting Route A, the existing right-of-way/corridor where additional transmission lines and towers would go: xcelpawneedaniels_throughtgx.jpg]

Numerous residents (of Tollgate Crossing, several communities of South East Aurora and the Town of Parker) have expressed concerns regarding Xcel’s power line expansion project (the Pawnee-Daniels Park project). As concerned residents, we are requesting that Xcel halt the installation of additional power lines through Routes A or B. If necessary, we are requesting that Xcel use Route C as it is the only option which avoids the risks associated with transmission through the heavily populated residential communities of Aurora, including: Tollgate Crossing, Sorrel Ranch, Wheatlands, Southlands, Tallyn’s Reach, Ponderosa Reserve, Rocking Horse, the Town of Parker and other communities.

[Here is a map which shows the communities and subdivisions which would be affected by the installation of power lines and towers under the Pawnee Daniels Park project: affectedareas.pdf]

We (concerned citizens of Aurora and Parker) are not opposed to the installation of new power lines. We recognize that they are needed, and appreciate that the commerce and prosperity of our State relies upon a reliable, robust and healthy power generation and distribution network.  We simply ask that Xcel minimize the impact on our State’s residents by installing these new power lines along Route C. Route C is one of the options proposed by Xcel. Use of Route C would minimize impact to residents in the densely populated suburban areas of South East Aurora and Paker, reduce construction congestion on our heavily trafficked roads, eliminate home value diminution in properties adjacent to Routes A & B, and reduce other risks associated with high voltage transmission lines and towers.

  1. If you would like to read more about the subject (of Xcel’s ‘Pawnee-Daniels Park transmission project), please feel free to visit the ‘Tollgate Crossing Bulletin Boards’: <> where I have posted a topic for discussion. You will find information, links, maps and various questions and responses regarding Xcel’s plans to erect these large towers and high voltage power lines.

  2. If you would like to join us in expressing your concern about the use of Routes A and B, please sign the petition we’ve put up on ‘The Petition Site’: <>

  3. If you’d like to go directly to the Xcel website to obtain your information, they have a website dedicated to this project: <–Daniels-Park-Project-(SB100)>

  4. Where will the new ‘Harvest Mile Substation’ be located? It’s location is approximately just to the west of the Murphy Creek Lift Station (just north of Tollgate Crossing (east of S. Harvest Rd).  See the Approximate Location map that I prepared.

  5. What will the new substation look like? It won’t be pretty. If you’ve seen the Smoky Hill substation (just north of Tollgate Crossing, off of Gun Club Rd), then you’ve got a good idea what it will look like. If you’d like to see a ‘plan’, you can download the Contour and Grading Layout Planpdf provided (with Copyright permission) by Xcel.

There are additional websites where this issue is discussed. If you would like to read more information and comments about this topic, here are some links to other websites:







Finally, it is important to note that no matter which route is used, these additional power lines will have a disruptive and negative impact on the properties and communities adjacent to the power lines.

There are numerous petitions available opposing each of the proposed routes. The only way that these lines won’t have a negative impact is if they aren’t installed at all. We encourage you to evaluate the proposed routes, weigh the impacts to you personally and the benefits to our community overall. Decide which takes precedence, and act accordingly.

  1. -Robert

For more information contact (Stop The Power lines Committee Chairperson):

Lynne Reynolds / email: <>

*Start date for powerline expansion: As of 28 Aug, 2016 - It has become apparent (to this author and others) that Xcel is doing all it can to accelerate this time table. They have/are submitting permit requests, obtaining rights and doing whatever they can to move the time-table forward. Construction in our area (South East Aurora) may begin as early as 2017.


  1. by: Lynne  Reynolds

  2. target: All Residents in proximity to XCEL routes, Aurora, CO

The proposed Pawnee-Daniels Park transmission line project consists of a new double-circuit 345kV transmission line between Xcel Energy’s Pawnee Substation near Brush, Colorado and the Daniels Park Substation south of the Denver metro-area. The project area includes Arapahoe and Douglas Counties, City of Aurora, and the Town of Parker.

We, the undersigned, request the halt of any additional transmission lines through routes A and B as proposed by Xcel Energy or any other organization associated with the proposal approved by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) or approved Certificate of Public Convenience related to Senate Bill 07-100, SB100, or any other proposal with similar intentions and routes like Xcel's routes A and B.  Route C, which circumvents the heavily populated residential areas along routes A and B, is the only option supported, as it avoids the risks associated with transmission through the communities of Aurora, including Tollgate Crossing, Sorrel Ranch, Wheatlands, Southlands, Tallyn’s Reach, Ponderosa Reserve, Rocking Horse, the Town of Parker and other communities.


Our requests for objective findings (not opinions) with regard to health issues, and to possible links of EMF exposure to childhood leukemia have not been addressed. Our concerns with the extreme proximity of the Transmission towers to Buffalo Elementary School  (700+ children), as well as for 1000+ homes, have been ignored.  Our concerns about the proposed additional SubStation near our homes have been ignored. Our requests that Xcel circumvent our neighborhoods and utilize Route C rather than go through our neighborhoods have been ignored. We can only guess that the reasoning is cost, however last year's  Xcel Annual Report  "The Right Mix" by Xcel CEO Ben Fowke indicates that "$984 million in net income was generated in 2015..the 11th consecutive year that Xcel met or exceeded earnings guidance." Our neighborhoods will forever resemble  industrial areas rather than neighborhoods. The lack of empathy for thousands of Aurora residents is very disconcerting.  If you would like to voice your opinions, please e-mail letters to the following: (Stephen Rodriguez, Planning Supervisor, City of Aurora, may be making the final decision)

dora  PUC (Public Utility Commission) (Aurora City Council)

Thank you on behalf of Lynne Reynolds, the Tollgate Crossing Metro District, and Tollgate Crossing HOA

EMF Readings in Tollgate Crossing Community - Dec 2016

In December of 2016, Robert Vaessen (a resident of Tollgate Crossing) and three Xcel representatives took a series of manual magnetic field measurements (spot measurments/appx 30 seconds (or more) of readings per location) around the Tollgate Crossing Community. Robert created a five page report detailing this activity/these readings. It is available for download on this website:  <>. If you would like to comment on the content of the document/study, please forward email To: <>

Xcel’s Power-line expansion project / Public Hearings - 2 & 16 May, 2017

Xcel’s Pawnee-Daniels Park power line expansion project has entered a new phase of development - They’ve (Xcel)  applied for permits to build a new power substation just north of/adjacent to Tollgate Crossing III (NE corner), and add additional power lines right through the center of Tollgate Crossing.

Public hearings (a requirement before permits can be granted) will take place in May of 2017. If you want your opinion/voice to be heard (on these topics), please plan on attending the meetings.

  1. The first public hearing will take place on the 2nd of May, 2017 in the Arapahoe Room at 6954 S. Lima St., Centennial, CO 80112, at 6:30pm. The first meeting will be held (before the County Planning Commission) to consider/discuss case numbers ASI16-004 and L16-006 - The installation/location of additional power lines that will run through Tollgate Crossing (and many other communities of SE Aurora).

  2. The second public hearing will take place on the 16th of May, 2017 in the East Hearing Room, Administration building, 5334 S. Prince St., Littleton, CO 80120, at 9:30am. The second meeting will be held (before the Board of County Commissioners) to consider/discuss case number ASI16-004 - The construction/location of a new/additional power substation directly north (adjacent) of Tollgate Crossing.

These hearings are being held as part of the state and local government’s authority in making planning decisions for matters of statewide interest. These meetings will help the local government to identify, designate, and regulate activities (such as site selection and construction of major facilities of a public utility) of state interest through a local permitting process. The general intention is to allow for local governments to maintain control over particular development projects even where the development project has statewide impact.

If you are at all concerned about Xcel’s planned expansion/construction project(s), please plan on attending this public meeting/hearing. The health, safety and property values of all South East Aurora residents could be impacted by Xcel’s plans.




  1. Further information concerning this proposal may be obtained by calling:

  2. Arapahoe County Planning Division: 720-874-6650

For more information, notes and discussing, see the ‘STPL Continuation’ page; where I provide information, questions, answers, and details that were presented/provided during several community meetings: Two discussions during a Tollgate Crossing Metro District meeting, and the ‘Big Community Meeting with Xcel’ - held at the Tollgate Crossing community clubhouse on the 26th of Aug, 2016.